School, Is It Necessary For a Career In Programming?

March 6, 2014

Let me just introduce myself, Hi, I’m Andrew

How has life been treating me you ask?

Well Lets just say that I am having some issues getting my career off the ground. . . I have been out of college for about a year and can’t find a dang blasted job! Did I finish school and get my degree? well no. Lets just say that i feel I am too smart for school, I was getting frustrated with the courses I was taking because they weren’t teaching things that were relevant to the career I so desired to be in.

I have to admit that school did teach me some marketable skills like how to build out this blog and make it work in WordPress but honestly I learned how to use other content managers like Joomla and Drupal on my own.

So that leads me to this discussion. Is traditional school really necessary to get a JOB as a programmer? Or are their other avenues and certifications that an employer could look at to find the right candidate for the position?

Let me know!

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