Do they get it? Principles for Content Design

October 14, 2016

Weather you are building an online course or writing a blog post, how you handle your content design is important. Creating content in a way that is memorable is even more important. Here are some principles to help us out.




Definition – “Splitting content into digestible parts.”

Okay, so pretty simple right? A good examples of this are how we break up phone numbers. 


content design principle  chunking-  example of chunking phone number

We remember things in parts, so break it up!


Depth Of Processing


Good design content depth of processing


Man Thats Deep!


Depth of processing is putting chunking in perspective! It’s something that all course creators needs to get to help his students keep the info that they are being taught. Good examples of this are on-line code schools. I have used before as an example but it’s such a good example of this. You get 3 to 10 minute videos make the info easier to get.




How can I explain it?


An intelligent man can take the most complex subjects and explain them in such a way that a child can understand them. The use of complex words is great for showing how intelligent you are, but if you are trying to influence a reader  with your writing in a certain demographic you will have to write at their level. It is one of those things that creates noise, which we will talk about later, and turns people off. Readability has to do with your audience!demographic-data


Signal to Noise Ratio


Just because you can, should you?


This is a subject I am very familiar with. I have produced many different audio works in the past. In audio it was about studio setup, compression, and removing background sound so that you have a clear voice or instrument. This is about clarity and removing the clutter to allow your user to have the experience that you have designed for them.

This was I literally went and googled web pages that suck. Fortunately this site is not registered anymore. I only have image. This illustrates what we are talking about when we are talking about noise to an extreme. The idea is to keep it clean and simple. Remove all distractions. That is the best way to go about designing and building web sites and application.


signal to noise ratio, Bad noisy site for content design




It’s best to use the K.I.S.S principle and keep it simple. No, content design is not hard, it a matter of paying attention to the details. 

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