The Responsive Web and Responsive Websites

October 3, 2016

First let’s answer the question, WHAT makes Responsive websites ?


The easiest way to answer that question is with
another question. Does It size? You see responsive web design is about whether your web application or site can size down for different sized screens. Responsive websites make your browsing experience a heck of a lot better than visiting a site intended for a desktop. No longer are people visiting sites just on a computer, heck even the shape of desktop monitors have changed. We have cell phones, tablets, and computer monitors all displaying the information from your website.


This is a site that does not have a responsive design. They

may already know the analytics behind this and show that they have a high percentage of users that are accessing it on desk- top computers. The thing is that I first accessed this site on my phone after receiving the link from a client. Let’s get with 2016, every site on the web should be heading toward responsive design. If you are not, you are going to be left behind. To be honest this site would actually size pretty good by adding media queries to the stylesheet.


Desktop Version Mobile Version
Not in the Responsive Websites Catagory  img_0044


This is the front of the site, I feel like I am on a completely different site. The lack of similarity ruins credibility of the site. As a developer I understand throwing another site into a folder on the server that is on your same URL just to put it somewhere, but if you’re asking for money on it you aren’t getting it from me. The homepage, like the prior page, lacks all form of responsive design.


Fronend of not similar not responsive


as I sized down the browser for this on my desktop I noticed that it does not size. I visited on my phone and found that the redirect to a mobile site. That’s ok in my book, it does require a whole bunch of more code that could otherwise be avoided if they had made it responsive with media queries. This site does better as it gives a mobile version of the site but it could have been done a lot simpler.


Desktop Desktop Resized Mobile
screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-2-34-43-pm screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-2-33-09-pm  img_0045



If you are not using responsive web design you are getting left behind. No, I did not mean to rhyme. Ha, okay I will stop. The web needs developers and designers that recognize the trends. Mobile has been the trend since Apple released the iPhone and Android came out. Please, make your websites for mobile. The eyes are there more than anywhere else. Responsive websites are important for us to get all eyes on us.


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