My Ten Point List for An Amazing Sales Letter

November 8, 2016

I have hated writing the for most of my life! It is such an important skill to have. If you can write persuasively you do yourself a huge favor. Part of my disdain for writing comes in due part because of college writing courses. These courses seem to drum the creativity out of you, forcing you to write rhetorical pieces that focus on using facts and figures to persuade. My idea is that stories sell far better than any fact can sell. So here is my 10 point list for writing an amazing sales letter.




  1. Blow their minds with a fantastic headline
  2. Use subheads that attract emotional attention AND break up the layout into skim-able chunk
  3. The art of the bullet! list your BENEFITS, “create an itch that’s expensive to scratch”
  4. Build in social proof! use testimonials of people who have used your product or service
  5. Price Justification (compare apples to oranges) 
  6. use risk reversal. show them that they have a money back guarantee
  7. Offer bonuses
  8. Give a strong call to action!
  9. Apply pressure with urgency.
  10. Give a good PS with your strongest benefit!


I have been following this layout for my sales writing and it has been working wonders for me. 

Hope it helps!


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